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Posted by Enricos811 - November 14th, 2012

I decided to make a prettyful Newgrounds account and upon it's creation, it's telling me to do all sorts of things, like uploading a profile picture and icon. I can upload an icon, but the picture will have to wait til later! And then it has the nerve to tell me I have to tell about myself! GEESH!

I am a 19 year old teenager living in Tennessee (as of now). I just recently moved down from Indiana, but I originated from Tennessee to start with. I consider myself an avid gamer, though hardly in the competitive scene of any but League of Legends. I've always had an interest in computers and I am determined to go into college for Computer Science and specialize further into Cybersecurity.

On a musical side, I planned to maybe join here whenever I honed my composition skills (and if I ever made a song which suitably fits as a video game song) and upload it here. Since I made the account today, I might just go ahead and upload it up here anyways.


From what I've seen so far from you, you write informative reviews so I'm going to keep an eye out for your doings on newgrounds since I do suspect you will be a wonderful as well as insightful addition to this community.

As for your music addition, "On Hold" it's tolerable. Can easily see it being used in a flash artist/programmer's start up game as background/menu music and seeing that flash pass into the flash portal hovering around a 3 or maybe even a 4 star rating (gameplay/animation quality permitting.)

When I have more freetime this winter I might go ahead and contact you via skype, but that might have to wait until finals are clear.