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I decided to make a prettyful Newgrounds account and upon it's creation, it's telling me to do all sorts of things, like uploading a profile picture and icon. I can upload an icon, but the picture will have to wait til later! And then it has the nerve to tell me I have to tell about myself! GEESH!

I am a 19 year old teenager living in Tennessee (as of now). I just recently moved down from Indiana, but I originated from Tennessee to start with. I consider myself an avid gamer, though hardly in the competitive scene of any but League of Legends. I've always had an interest in computers and I am determined to go into college for Computer Science and specialize further into Cybersecurity.

On a musical side, I planned to maybe join here whenever I honed my composition skills (and if I ever made a song which suitably fits as a video game song) and upload it here. Since I made the account today, I might just go ahead and upload it up here anyways.

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Spread Some Amour 25 Points

They were meant to be.

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Kill 1 enemy with normal attack.

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Feedback appreciated.

Error 25 Points

Crash the game... and your computer?

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Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Beat Chrome 100 Points

Boss #6

Beat Mozilla 50 Points

Boss #5

Beat Safari 50 Points

Boss #4

Beat Opera 25 Points

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Beat Netscape 10 Points

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